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Treat Yourself To A Handmade Quilted Craft Bag.


I have now posted the tutorial I promised a few days ago, on how to make a quilted craft bag. Has taken me a while to get it typed up – I blame my brain not wanting to function in a technical way!

Head over to the tutorial section and check it out. Why not treat yourself to a new bag for Christmas to hold all your fabric, wool or whatever crafty bits you want!

This tutorial has been the first time I have properly attempted quilting. Hope you all like my first attempts (and definitely not my last :)) Please feel free to post any comments or questions. Happy quilting! Miss C xx


Make Your Very Own Needle Roll Up.


Head over to the tutorial section to find out how to make this easy and very practical needle roll up. Perfect for organising all your needles, hooks etc, but you could adapt it to hold any other stitchy items! Get making now and give it to someone new to knitting/crochet at Christmas ( could even include a few needles and hooks to get them started). As usual, comments and questions happily accepted. Enjoy and have fun making!

Miss C xx

Brushing up on some skills….


Bit of a late post but today I have been busy crocheting. Never really done much crochet before, as used to be more of a knitter since that was what my nan taught me. Fancied doing something a bit different so came up with these………

Am thinking of making a little bag out of felt and so might use some of these to decorate, what do you think? What would you use them as? Attach a pin for a brooch? Button to the centre? Even attach a hair grip maybe???

Have to apologise now that I have still not posted any tutorials yet, however, I am hoping in the next few days I will be able to share some projects with you, I blame Christmas!!!  😛 Still haven’t put our Christmas tree up yet…. delaying the inevitable destruction that will be done by our two cats, Dottie and Lillie,however it is very fun to watch! Nighty night for now…

Miss C xx