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Our Cats And Their Beloved Laser Pointer


Check Dottie and Lillie out in this video. Do have to say that Lillie is usually a lot more energetic than how she is in this video. Think she was a little tired, bless her 🙂 Dottie tends to just watch it rather than chase it!


For all you cat lovers out there, check out this you tube channel, Simon’s Cat, it is so good and so true to how cats really act. Love it! Enjoy, Miss C xx

Just In Time


Today has been a full day of cross stitching…. have major stitcher’s thumb right now!

Finished off the rest of my gift tags ready for wrapping presents. Have done no wrapping whatsoever yet so need to get cracking pretty soon.

Currently have one Christmas present yet to finish as I’m waiting on fabric coming from the US (thought I had enough fabric but clearly underestimated it and the only place I could find it was in the States 😦 ). Talk about cutting it fine eh?

So what do you think of my gift tags? Pretty cute I think. Glad they are finished though – the amount of fractionals and backstitch was starting to get to me and my thumb!

Found Dottie lying in the most peculiar place earlier – right in the middle of the kitchen diner completely sprawled out. She’s so funny:) Both Dottie and Lillie are going completely mental at the moment because other half has got the laser pointer out which they love trying to catch. Isn’t she cute……

Apologies for blurry photo ( I may be good at crafty stuff, but photography definitely not!) 😀

Miss C