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Valentines Day!


I know I am a bit late in saying this but… Happy Valentines Day! Above are the roses my fiancé brought and had delivered today – I love the pot they have come in. The roses are a lovely cerise colour – and hopefully they should last quite a bit longer than normal flowers (just need to not be my usual self with flowers and totally neglect them!).

And here are the designs I cross stitched for his Valentines card – not typical Valentines designs but he is a huge Marvel fan and so thought he would appreciate something more ‘him’. So, photo on the left is my Ironman cross stitch which is actually half the size of the original design – stitched on 28-count evenweave and I have actually only done the whole design in half cross stitches – realised it would take much longer than I had planned if I did full cross stitches. I think, because of the small design and the bold colours, it works quite well in only half stitches.

The photo on the left is my own version of Red Letter Paper Company’s Valentines day card – get original here. I put this design on the inside of the card and Ironman on the front.



And finally this little fellow is what I crocheted the other day. It’s my little Love Dude for PR. Took me about an afternoon to hook this up as it is quite small and is made up in sections. I think its really cute – reminds me of the Orange Mobile advert ages ago with those white wind up toys in it :

So that’s Valentines Day over for another year – had a lovely meal this evening. I have been thoroughly spoilt by my wonderful husband-to-be! Hopefully I will be able to give him a lovely birthday this weekend 🙂

Miss C xx