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Ready For Christmas!


Here are the photos of what I have been up to today!


The lemon tart has turned out quite well, however was supposed to caramelise icing sugar on the top of the lemon filling but it didn’t quite go to plan so I had to leave that bit out :s

PR ( other half ) made the banana bread – he makes it much better than I do. See how the top is all glistening? That’s because its so gooey and scrummy!

Finally, the mince pies – one half have cranberry and port mincemeat and the other half have ginger and brandy – delicious!

Well that’s it – hopefully all done for our Christmas now. Going to try and get up bright and early tomorrow so I don’t have to rush about, but somehow I know the alarm will be snoozed a few times. 🙂 Will be travelling up to the Midlands tomorrow morning with all our goodies and to have our dinner cooked for us, how lovely!

But for now I think it is going to be a bit of TV and my crochet project – perfect!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of crafty presents (obviously!)

Back soon

Miss C xx

Project So Far….


Yesterday afternoon I started my next little project. 

As you can see it looks a little boring right now but hopefully (!) it will be turned into a little over the shoulder bag. I will most likely line the inside of the bag once its finished but I will see how it is first. I love the ethnic style of this wool, it’s going to be a really hippy/boho bag I think.

I am going to have a little flap over the main part of the bag, and have it fasten with a button. Might do a type of edging on the flap to finish it off but it depends whether it matches the boho look!

For this bag, all I have done so far is chain 40 stitches and then just double crochet (UK) all across each row, chaining one at the end and then turning. I am going to crochet until I have the height of the bag I want (the crochet is to be folded up in half to make the bag so you will need to crochet double the height you want ). Once I have the height, this is when I might do an edge – but I will keep you posted on that!

This really is going to be the most simple crochet bag, but hopefully it turns out ok!

I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve! I have so much to do today and have done nothing yet – have two batches of mince pies to make, a lemon tart (made from scratch I might add!!), some nibble food and if I get time I will make banana bread (banana bread is lush and so easy to make – tastes lovely with a bit of honey spread on it :P)

Slightly worried about making the lemon tart – have to bake the pastry blind which I have never done before and realised that I have no baking beans so I shall be improvising with pasta I think! Fingers crossed – will update you later on the outcome of it.

Guess I had better get cracking – will start on the lemon tart first (mainly because if things go wrong there will still be time to get to a shop 😀 )

Hope everyone has a fun and festive Christmas Eve!

Miss C xx