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My Birthday – 19th March


Above is a picture of the crochet/embroidery books I received for my birthday! Aren’t I a lucky girl?! So many things I want to make but I just don’t know where to begin! PR brought me the super cute crochet book as he knows I love to make little crocheted animals etc (think he wants me to make him something out of it though 🙂 ). Was very spoilt for my birthday by PR as he also brought me a Kindle and a voucher to buy some books for it – I was allowed to open this present early as he knew I would want it for our little trip away (see below), so I actually got to open it 3 days before my birthday – how naughty! 🙂

Also for my birthday, PR and I went to Edinburgh for a couple of nights. I absolutely love Edinburgh – there’s just something about the place, I can’t quite put my finger on it though! Our hotel was lovely if a little far out of the centre for my liking though (still struggle to walk long distances due to my rubbish knee at the moment), but certainly could not fault the service we had. We went to Edinburgh Castle, did an underground tour called The Real Mary Kings Close – where you get to walk the hidden streets underneath the Royal Mile and see where people used to live back in the 17th century.

We also had two lovely meals out, sampled some traditional Scottish Haggis and had a little whisky each (whisky certainly is not our drink of choice but hey we were in Scotland so we had to have some 🙂 ). I am a huge Ian Rankin fan and so had to frequent the pub in which his character, Inspector Rebus, spends many of his evenings drinking – The Oxford Bar. The night of my birthday we spent in a Whisky Bar listening to some live traditional Scottish music – The Whiski Bar – really was a great atmosphere.

Scott Monument is the largest monument to a writer in the world. It commemorates Sir Walter Scott.

The Oxford Bar - both Ian Rankin's and his fictional character Inspector Rebus' watering hole 🙂

So, you can probably guess that I have had a wonderful birthday with some lovely gifts. Cannot wait to sit down later and look at all the beautiful projects in my new books. Will definitely upload some photos soon of projects that I think you may like to see.

Miss C xx