This is a tutorial on how to make a knitting needle roll up. Before starting I think it is a good idea if you check the length of your longest knitting needle. I have done the height of my roll up 16inches to fit comfortably over my longest needle. If you want longer or shorter then incorporate this into your make up. I will let you know where to change the height if required to.

Fabric Required:

  • 2 pieces of fabric, both 13 x 16 inches (change this measurement for your required
  • height). Can use different colour fabric as one piece will be for the outside of your roll up and the other will be for the lining.
  • 2 pieces of fabric, both 8 x 13 inches ( these are for the top of the roll up and one of the pockets)
  • 1 piece of fabric, 13 x 13 inches for the other pocket ( I have done this piece in the same fabric as one of the 8 x 13in pieces.



Other Materials Needed:

  • Ribbon, long enough to wrap around the roll up a few times.
  • Dressmakers pins
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine.
  • Wadding (optional).







1. Press the three smaller pieces of fabric in half so that the lengths stay 13 inches. Press with an iron.








2. Pin the pockets and top flap onto the large piece of fabric that will be your lining colour. Make sure the folded crease of each folded piece is pointing towards the centre, whilst open edges are around the outside. Like this:

If you are using wadding, place some in between each pocket and then pin in place.






3. For the two pockets at the bottom, use pins to make out where you want your needle pockets to be (going straight down both pieces of fabric). Take into account your seam allowance on the outside so you do not want your first and last pocket to be too small. If you have used wadding it is good to make your pockets no smaller than an inch wide, otherwise they will be too tight.

[Click image to enlarge].





4. Stitch down the markings you have made for your pockets (sewing through the wadding if used). If you marked out where your seam allowance is, do not stitch this yet ( i.e. do not stitch the first edge of your first pocket nor the last edge of the last pocket).







5. Pin right sides together, your lining piece with the pockets and your outside fabric (the other large piece of fabric). If using wadding, place wadding on top of your outside piece of fabric. Like this:

Before pinning, place your ribbon( folded in half), in between the lining and outside fabric pieces at the middle. Have a small amount of the ribbon poking out the right hand side. [click image to enlarge].





6. Stitch all the way around the pinned fabric, leaving a small gap on the left hand side to pull roll up the right way out.








7. Turn right way out using the gap you have not yet stitched. Press all the edges.






8. Top stitch all around the edge for a smooth finish and also to close up the gap that you used to pull right way out. Take care here if you have used wadding, as the top stitch will be a bit more difficult now that you have to stitch through all the layers.







And there you have it! Your own needle roll up. Place all your knitting/crochet supplies into the little pockets.







I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to add comments or questions. Let me know how you get on making yours! Happy Stitching, Miss C xx


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