This is a tutorial on how to make a lovely fabric pouch for your iPhone or iPod, or if you are really adventurous you can adapt it to any of your electronic devices!

The measurements of the pouch allow your iPhone to fit inside comfortably – not to loose so it moves around but also not too tight as it could damage the screen by the constant removing of your device. It is also big enough to hold your device with a silicone skin on as well (for those of you who want to continue protecting your device once out of the pouch or just because you have a favourite skin! ).

Please click on images to enlarge.


Equipment required:

  • Pretty fabric for the outside of the pouch – enough to make two  10 x 16cm pieces and one 5 x 7cm piece.
  • Felt for the inside of the pouch – make exactly the same sized pieces as above.
  • Velcro circles/squares (or press studs).
  • Dressmakers pen/chalk or pencil.
  • Dressmakers pins.
  • Measuring tape and/or ruler.
  • Rotary cutter and board or dressmakers scissors.
  • Sewing needle and thread (similar colour to you fabric/felt) or a sewing machine.



1. Place the small rectangular piece of felt in front of you and sew one of the velcro circles at the bottom in the centre. The velcro circles I have used are self-adhesive however for added strength I have put a few stitches in them. Please note that there will be a 1/4inch seam allowance so place the velcro more than 1/4inch up from the bottom of the felt. If you do not want to use velcro you could place a press stud here instead.

This piece of felt will be the underside of your tab closure and so I have rounded off the edges for a neater finish but you do not have to do this if you do not want to.




2. Place the piece of felt that you have just been working on face up ( with the velcro facing you ) and then lay your other piece of fabric (outside fabric) with the pattern side down on top of the felt. Like this:







3. Line up all the raw edges and then pin in place.










4. Sew the sides and bottom only using a 1/4 inch seam. Trim the stitched edges and clip the edges to help the corners push out smoothly when it is turned right side out.









5. Turn the tab right side out and press flat. (If ironing, do not iron over the velcro circle).








6. Now place one piece of your outside fabric facing you. Centre the tab piece at the top (short edge), pretty sides all facing you. Line up the raw edges.








7. Place one of the larger pieces of felt down on top of your tab and patterned fabric (if there any any marks on your felt make sure the marks are facing you). Line up all the raw edges and pin in place.







8. Sew along the top edge only (edge with the tab) with a 1/4inch seam.

9. Using your remaining large rectangle pieces, repeat steps 6,7 and 8, but this time you will not have a tab. Your work should now look like this:








10. Open out both sections and press the seams towards the felt pieces. 









11. Place one opened out piece on top of the other; with pretty sides on the inside and matching felt to felt and fabric to fabric. Line up the raw edges and pin in place. Make sure the seams in the middle are lined up (I find it helpful to pin here as well to stop them from becoming misaligned when sewing).







12. Sew down the two long sides using 1/4 inch seam. The ends should be left open. Once the long sides are stitched, trim the edges to approximately 1/8inch.







13. Turn right side out and stuff the felt inside the pouch. Here you will be able to check your sewing and also check the fit for your device.








14. If you are happy with your work so far, turn the whole thing inside out and push the felt up out of the way. Your outside pieces of fabric should be right sides together. Line up the edge and sew using 1/4 inch seam.







15. It should now look like this:

Clip the two corners and trim the edge so that it sits nicely once pushed right way out.








16. Pull the felt back down over the pretty outside fabric, line up the edges of the two felt pieces and sew along it using 1/4inch seam. I have sewn a zig zag stitch here to help prevent the seam fraying when moving device in and out of the pouch. Once sewn, trim the edge to 1/8inch and clip the edges if you can but do not cut any of the stitching.






17. Now turn the pouch the right way out, as you can see we are nearly finished…..









18. Here you need to hand sew the other velcro circle on. To help with lining up, I found it useful to actually attach the second piece of velcro to the one already on the tab and pull the tab down as if you were closing the pouch. Self adhesive velcro will now stick to the main body of the pouch in the correct place. Make sense? I also find that placing your device inside the pouch before doing this will prevent you from pulling the tab closed too tightly. If using press studs, here is where you attach the second one.





19. And there you have it, your very own handmade iPhone/iPod pouch. I have sewn a button on top of the tab but you could sew whatever you fancied or nothing at all.










I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Any comments or questions are most welcome, Miss C xx


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