This page will feature anything that I think would be cool for all you crafty people, so watch this space for updates.

Straight off I can tell you that life is so much easier when you have a thread tracker for all your stranded embroidery cotton. I have an iPhone so I use the Thread Tracker 117 – find it here.

As you can see from the link you can categorise your threads into ones you own, don’t own and ones you need to buy (great for when you are out and about). Do have to mention though that this one does not include metallic threads or variegated ones…. although I’m sure there are seperate apps for these – maybe the Thread Tracker 117 will include them at some point. For those of you without an iPhone, you could do a simple spreadsheet which can be easily updated when you buy more 🙂

Another great little app for the iPhone is the Cross Stitch Calculator – find it here. Its a really easy app to use to determine what size fabric you need for a certain design – I love the fact that you can change what size border you would want around the stitched piece – saves so much on unused fabric!

Alternative calculators can be found on the web – I particularly like this one:


This useful little app offers hundreds of free patterns for knitting/crochet. I particularly like the fact that once you have used it’s very easy search criteria, you can ‘favourite’ the patterns you like ( you do have to register to be able to do this but it is free). You can also search depending on the level of skill you have in that particular craft, which is great knowing the patterns you are liking the look of hopefully won’t be too hard for you to accomplish.

The link to this app can be found here.


In my opinion this is a must have book for all crochet lovers! In a couple of months of purchasing this book, I have already made four of the projects – quite rare to actually want to make EVERYTHING in this book – but this is how lovely this book is. It is called Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench.

At the start of the book, it has sections on how to crochet from the beginning with easy to decipher diagrams. The remainder of the book includes 35 easy to follow patterns that are suitable for both beginners and experts.Patterns include cushions, hats, scarf’s, purses, bags, teddy’s, Russian dolls, baby wear, blankets etc. Lots to be getting on with if you are a beginner but equally lovely patterns for the expert in you.  I like the fact that if a pattern uses a slightly different stitch it will explain it on the same page as the pattern – ideal as you do not want to keep having to flick back every time that stitch comes up. If you don’t own this book, go and check it out in a bookshop – I am sure you will love it as much as I do 🙂 Happy Crocheting!

Really love this thread at the moment. It’s the Madeira Lana thread. Lana thread is a heavy weight wool blend embroidery thread, ideal for creating designs which are soft, fluffy or textured, such as animal fur. It is also strong enough for high speed sewing/embroidery machines. Stitching with Lana produces larger stitches and the voluminous thread reduces the number of stitches to cover the design. Because Lana is a thicker thread it does require a larger needle than traditional cross stitch/machine needles.  To enhance the fluffy texture of Lana thread, Madeira advise to use a special Lana brush which you use to brush over the design. However, Velcro works just as well! 🙂

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