This is a tutorial on how to make a quilted craft bag. The quilted layers help create a sturdy bag. If you don’t fancy having a go at quilting you can still make this bag though. Every crafter needs a bag to hold all your essential items –  you can use it to store your fabric, wool or any other craft items.

Seam allowances are all 1/4inch unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy and have fun!

Fabric needed:

  • 40 x 15inches of patterned fabric (or whichever fabric you want outside of bag to be). 
  • 40 x 12 inches plain white fabric. ( I have used pale pink).
  • 40 x 14 inches of plain coloured fabric ( for the lining).
  • 40 x 12 inches of wadding.
  • Iron on interfacing.
Other equipment:
  • Dressmakers pins
  • Rotary cutter and board / dressmakers scissors.
  • Masking tape
  • Measuring tape
  • 2 Buttons
  • Sewing machine and thread.
1. Measure and cut a piece of white fabric (I have used pale pink here) and a piece of wadding
30 x 12 inches. Measure and cut a rectangle of patterned fabric 30 x 11 inches (or whichever fabric you are using for the outside of the bag – I’m using deep purple here). Lay the white cotton in front of you with the wadding on top of this. Place the patterned fabric rectangle, right side up, on top of the wadding, making sure to line up the bottom edges together.
2. Pin all three layers together.

3. Stick a strip of masking tape vertically from the bottom to the top of the fabrics.
Measure 1.5 inches from the left hand side of the tape, sticking another strip of tape parallel to the first. Continue at 1.5inch increments measuring from the left hand side of the tape all along the fabric.
This is what it will look like all the way along:

4. Machine stitch along the left hand side only of each length of tape to quilt

the fabric. This is what it will look like once finished:

5. With right sides together, fold the panel over, lining up along the short sides.

Pin in place.

6. Machine stitch along the short edge and press the seam open.

7. Cut circles of white fabric, wadding and patterned fabric, all with diameter of 9.5inches. Lay the white fabric in front of you with the wadding on top of this. Then place the patterned fabric circle on the top, right side up. Pin the layers together.

I found the bottom of a ‘Roses’ tin to be the perfect size! (If you have trouble finding something the right size to draw around, attach a piece of string 4.75 inches long to a pencil – sticking the tail end of the string to the middle of a piece of paper and then drawing the circle – cut out and use as a template). Do not worry about making it a perfect circle.

8.  Stick a length of tape down the circle in the middle and measure and stick parallel strips on either side of the first at 1.5inch increments as before, across the width of the circle.
9. Machine stitch like before, along one side of each length of tape.

10. Measure and cut a piece of the plain coloured fabric (fabric you have not used yet) 30 x 13.5 inches. With right sides together (if there is a right and wrong side), pin along one short edge. This piece is going to be the lining of your bag.

11. Machine stitch all the way down the short edge you have pinned.

12. With the quilted tube you made previously, turn it right way out, and then place the piece you have just stitched one edge of, around the quilted tube. making sure to line up the raw edges of the patterned fabric and the lining fabric. Lining fabric to be wrong way facing you like in picture.

13. Pin down the left hand side and then machine stitch the plain fabric onto the quilted tube (stitching all the way around).

14.Turn the tube the wrong way out and then with right sides together inside, pin andstitch the circular base from before to the main part of the bag.

The bottom of the bag should now look like this:
15. Turn the bag the right way out and push the lining inside. Press the top edge of the lining to form a neat edge. Machine stitch all around the top of the bag to neaten the lining.
16. Cut a circle of plain coloured fabric (same as your lining fabric) the same size diameter as before. Turn the bag wrong side out again, and pin the base to the main lining piece.

17. Machine stitch the base to the lining leaving an opening of about 4 inches. Make small snips around the seam allowance and turn the bag the right way out through the gap in the lining.

18. Hand stitch the opening in the lining closed and push the lining into the bag. 
19. Cut a strip of patterned fabric 23 x 4inches and a piece of interfacing the same size. Iron the interfacing to the back of the fabric strip.

20. Fold the strip in half along it’s length (right sides together) and stitch along one short

end and along the length. Make sure to leave one short end open so that you can turn the tube the right way out. Press the seams. Turn the raw edge of the opened end in and top stitch all the way round the handle.

21. Sew the handle onto the bag finishing with a button at each end. And there you have it! Your finished quilted craft bag. Now all you need to do it fill it with all your stitching goodies!

Enjoy! Comments and questions welcome as always. Miss C

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