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Ready For Christmas!


Here are the photos of what I have been up to today!


The lemon tart has turned out quite well, however was supposed to caramelise icing sugar on the top of the lemon filling but it didn’t quite go to plan so I had to leave that bit out :s

PR ( other half ) made the banana bread – he makes it much better than I do. See how the top is all glistening? That’s because its so gooey and scrummy!

Finally, the mince pies – one half have cranberry and port mincemeat and the other half have ginger and brandy – delicious!

Well that’s it – hopefully all done for our Christmas now. Going to try and get up bright and early tomorrow so I don’t have to rush about, but somehow I know the alarm will be snoozed a few times. 🙂 Will be travelling up to the Midlands tomorrow morning with all our goodies and to have our dinner cooked for us, how lovely!

But for now I think it is going to be a bit of TV and my crochet project – perfect!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of crafty presents (obviously!)

Back soon

Miss C xx


Project So Far….


Yesterday afternoon I started my next little project. 

As you can see it looks a little boring right now but hopefully (!) it will be turned into a little over the shoulder bag. I will most likely line the inside of the bag once its finished but I will see how it is first. I love the ethnic style of this wool, it’s going to be a really hippy/boho bag I think.

I am going to have a little flap over the main part of the bag, and have it fasten with a button. Might do a type of edging on the flap to finish it off but it depends whether it matches the boho look!

For this bag, all I have done so far is chain 40 stitches and then just double crochet (UK) all across each row, chaining one at the end and then turning. I am going to crochet until I have the height of the bag I want (the crochet is to be folded up in half to make the bag so you will need to crochet double the height you want ). Once I have the height, this is when I might do an edge – but I will keep you posted on that!

This really is going to be the most simple crochet bag, but hopefully it turns out ok!

I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve! I have so much to do today and have done nothing yet – have two batches of mince pies to make, a lemon tart (made from scratch I might add!!), some nibble food and if I get time I will make banana bread (banana bread is lush and so easy to make – tastes lovely with a bit of honey spread on it :P)

Slightly worried about making the lemon tart – have to bake the pastry blind which I have never done before and realised that I have no baking beans so I shall be improvising with pasta I think! Fingers crossed – will update you later on the outcome of it.

Guess I had better get cracking – will start on the lemon tart first (mainly because if things go wrong there will still be time to get to a shop 😀 )

Hope everyone has a fun and festive Christmas Eve!

Miss C xx

A Cat That Should Be Called Scrooge


Just look what Lillie did earlier today, bless her think it scared her a lot! She obviously does not like Christmas or want Santa to come to our house. Do you think we should rename her Scrooge? 🙂

Haven’t really managed to do much crafty stuff the last few days as have been suffering with a cold and chest infection 😦 boohoo really hope I start to feel a bit better soon!

Did manage to make a little tree decoration….. mistletoe! Don’t think I will be standing under it what with my lurgy at the moment 😉

Back tomorrow, Miss C xx

All Wrapped Up


Today has been a full day of wrapping christmas presents. Didn’t quite realise how long it was going to take me, my fault really as I seemed to have brought the biggest presents ever for everyone!

Fabric turned up yesterday so I was able to finish off a present this morning which was relief to me – talk about cutting it fine!

Last night I managed to do a bit more crochet – have a look at what I made in photo below.

It is so cute, I love it! Another decoration to add to the tree 😀

Bit of a short post I know, but feeling a bit under the weather today –  still have lots to do as well. 😦

Ta Ta for now,

Miss C xx

Crochet Mouse Cat Toy Pattern


Here is the pattern for this cute little crochet mouse that I have made for my two cats Dottie and Lillie to play with.

This is a UK pattern. Hook size and tension are not important. (I used hook size 5.0mm).

Stitches used:

Sl st – Slip Stitch

Ch – Chain

Dc – Double Crochet

Stitch explanation.

Decreasing a double crochet stitch (dc dec) – insert hook, yarn over, pull through (2 loops on hook), insert hook into next stitch, yarn   over and pull through (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.

DO NOT join rounds unless stated – use stitch markers to determine beginning of round.

Main Body

Chain 2

Rnd 1: 6dc in 2nd chain from hook

Rnd 2: (2dc in first dc, dc in next dc) repeat all around [9dc]

Rnd 3: (2dc in first dc, dc in next 2 dc’s) repeat all around [12dc]

Rnd 4: dc in each dc all around

Rnd 5: (2dc in first dc, dc in next 3 dc’s) repeat all around [16dc]

Rnd 6: dc in each dc all around

Rnd 7: (2dc in first dc, dc in next 4dc’s) repeat all around [18dc]

Rnd 8: (2dc in first dc, dc in next 5 dc’s) repeat all around [21dc]

Rnd 9: dc in each dc all around

Rnd 10: (2dc in first dc, dc in nect 6dc’s) repeat all around [24dc]

Rnd 11: dc in each dc all around

Rnd 12: (dc dec, dc in next 4dc’s) repeat all around [20dc]

Rnd 13: (dc dec, dc in nect 3dc’s) repeat all around [16dc]

Rnd 14: (dc dec, dc in next 2dc’s) repeat all around [12dc]

Start stuffing your mouse’s body now.

Rnd 15: (dc dec, dc in next dc) repeat all around [8dc]

Rnd 16: dc dec all around [4dc]

DO NOT fasten off

Chain 12 (for tail)

Slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook and in every chain going to body. Fasten off leaving long tail. Use long tail to close the hole if necessary and weave in the end.

Outer Ears (make 2)

Chain 2

Rnd 1: 6dc in 2nd chain from hook

Rnd 2: 2dc in each dc around [12dc]

DO NOT join this last round but do fasten off leaving a long tail.

Middle Ears (make 2)

With contrast colour, chain 2

5dc in 2nd chain from hook, join to first dc and finish off leaving a long tail.


  • Sew both middle ears to the centre of the outer ears.
  • Sew the ears onto the mouses body ( I attached them at row 5)
  • Cross stitch an ‘X’ at the very tip of mouse for its nose ( I used the same pink as the middle ear colour).
  • French knots for the eyes.

And that’s it! Your mouse is all finished. Hope you liked the pattern and that you enjoy this cute little toy – Lillie certainly does as you can see in the photo below 🙂

Miss C xx

Treat Yourself To A Handmade Quilted Craft Bag.


I have now posted the tutorial I promised a few days ago, on how to make a quilted craft bag. Has taken me a while to get it typed up – I blame my brain not wanting to function in a technical way!

Head over to the tutorial section and check it out. Why not treat yourself to a new bag for Christmas to hold all your fabric, wool or whatever crafty bits you want!

This tutorial has been the first time I have properly attempted quilting. Hope you all like my first attempts (and definitely not my last :)) Please feel free to post any comments or questions. Happy quilting! Miss C xx

My Kinda Sunday :)


Been on the sewing machine all day! Only stopped because the light was getting poor 😀 Seriously need to invest in a daylight bulb for my crafting room.

Made my first serious attempt in quilting today, and I am quite pleased with the result actually (still need more practice though! ). Have a look at the picture below and let me know what you think??

As you can see from the photo, I have finally made the craft bag I was blogging about! I will post the tutorial tomorrow, so make sure to check back!

Next on the agenda is going to be more cross stitch and crochet (made into yet more Christmas decorations most likely :D). Obviously I will keep you updated. Also I will try and post some crochet patterns for some of the things I have made (if there is one in particular that I have made then please let me know!).

Miss C xx

Our Cats And Their Beloved Laser Pointer


Check Dottie and Lillie out in this video. Do have to say that Lillie is usually a lot more energetic than how she is in this video. Think she was a little tired, bless her 🙂 Dottie tends to just watch it rather than chase it!


For all you cat lovers out there, check out this you tube channel, Simon’s Cat, it is so good and so true to how cats really act. Love it! Enjoy, Miss C xx

Just In Time


Today has been a full day of cross stitching…. have major stitcher’s thumb right now!

Finished off the rest of my gift tags ready for wrapping presents. Have done no wrapping whatsoever yet so need to get cracking pretty soon.

Currently have one Christmas present yet to finish as I’m waiting on fabric coming from the US (thought I had enough fabric but clearly underestimated it and the only place I could find it was in the States 😦 ). Talk about cutting it fine eh?

So what do you think of my gift tags? Pretty cute I think. Glad they are finished though – the amount of fractionals and backstitch was starting to get to me and my thumb!

Found Dottie lying in the most peculiar place earlier – right in the middle of the kitchen diner completely sprawled out. She’s so funny:) Both Dottie and Lillie are going completely mental at the moment because other half has got the laser pointer out which they love trying to catch. Isn’t she cute……

Apologies for blurry photo ( I may be good at crafty stuff, but photography definitely not!) 😀

Miss C



Finally Finished…..


This morning I have managed to finally finish off these little cross stitch houses. They came free with another one of my cross stitch magazines, CrossStitcher. Have had them nearly finished for ages, just needed to slip stitch the gap closed after stuffing them. What do you think?

Trying to start making more of the free gifts I get as they are beginning to pile up now, what with all the other projects I want to do! 🙂

Not quite sure where I am going to hang them…. but I’m sure I will find a place!

My supply of new wool came this morning, which has made me very happy…. shh! don’t tell my other half but I am actually waiting on another lot! Ooops hehe 😀

Seriously need to make myself that craft bag I was telling you, I am going to have no space in my plastic bag(!)  for my new wool! Must go, have more things to make 😛 Miss C xx

Another Padded Bauble…..


Yesterday wasn’t a day full of craftiness sadly :(, but I did manage to make another
one of my padded baubles with an added edge. What do you think?

I also attempted to crochet a little mouse for our two cats, Dottie and Lillie, to play with but it looked nothing like a mouse! However, the cats enjoy batting it about so that makes me happy. 🙂

I’m awaiting new supplies of some wool as my crochet to-do list gets bigger and bigger by the hour. Also have some cross stitch decorations I want to start – but they shouldn’t take too long to do.

In the next few days I will upload another tutorial – how to make a craft bag for all your wool, threads, fabric or whatever you fancy keeping organised! I’m in desperate need of one, what with my growing stock of wool now!

Which reminds me, I have found a really good app for the iPhone which stocks loads of free crochet/knitting patterns for pretty much everything. Check the ‘Out There’ section for more details.

Check Out My Padded Bauble!


Another tree decoration to add to the collection……

This one is made of two parts. I crocheted the front design and then did exactly the same for the back. Crocheting the two circles together, adding some stuffing inside before crocheting closed.

Was going to put a button in the centre of each side but didn’t have a button big enough for my darning needle to go through! Ooops! 🙂 Guess I could have sewn them in. Never mind!

At some point in the next few days I will post the patterns for my crochet bits n bobs so you can all have a go! I might even try and do a video tutorial :s will have to get other half to help I reckon, he’s a whizz kid on the camera!

Miss C xx

Oh Cross Stitch I Have Missed You!


Just finished making two of my cross stitch gift tags, have not done cross stitch for a while now so thought it was time to go back to my favourite stitchy craft for a bit. Have a huge cross stitch project to start after the new year which I cannot wait to get my teeth into but daunts me at the same time as its the biggest I will have done to date. Will keep you posted on it for sure!

Did these quick gift tags which came as a free gift from one of my many many cross stitch magazines I get, think they look so cute don’t you? I shall be rustling up the other 4 in the next few days (hopefully!) Miss C xx

Make Your Very Own Needle Roll Up.


Head over to the tutorial section to find out how to make this easy and very practical needle roll up. Perfect for organising all your needles, hooks etc, but you could adapt it to hold any other stitchy items! Get making now and give it to someone new to knitting/crochet at Christmas ( could even include a few needles and hooks to get them started). As usual, comments and questions happily accepted. Enjoy and have fun making!

Miss C xx

Look Handmade Cosy Bauble Jackets!


So I have been crocheting into the small hours the last few nights, as I have been practising making some tree decorations. Really wish I had managed to make all my decorations this year but was just not organised enough! Maybe next year! 🙂

[Click images to enlarge]

First of all I made these……

Hanging Hearts








and then I started on these……. I love these and will be making more! Lovely little jackets for your baubles 😀

Pink Jacket







What do you think?….. Will you be making some? If so, let me know how you get on… would love to know!

I’m in the process of making some slightly different tree ornaments so watch this space! 🙂 Now got to get back to writing Christmas cards and doing our Save The Date cards (wedding….. Yay!) Happy Crocheting, Miss C xx