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A Design For Mum


Started this Mother’s Day design yesterday afternoon. It’s from Cross Stitch Crazy March 2012, Issue 161. Its not a big design and will not take me much longer – have a few more cross stitches to do then the rest is just backstitch.

I’ve decided to make it into a card and have got some lovely backing paper for it – ooh might raid my ribbon stash too.

I do like the hanging heart design too – might stitch that as well if I get time.

I’m thinking about purchasing cross stitch design software but not entirely sure which to get. Will have to do a bit more research I think. Have any of you used design software? If so, any recommendations? 🙂

Must go, have my hippy cushion to finish now that cushion pad has turned up! Yay!

Miss C xx

Our Cats And Their Beloved Laser Pointer


Check Dottie and Lillie out in this video. Do have to say that Lillie is usually a lot more energetic than how she is in this video. Think she was a little tired, bless her 🙂 Dottie tends to just watch it rather than chase it!


For all you cat lovers out there, check out this you tube channel, Simon’s Cat, it is so good and so true to how cats really act. Love it! Enjoy, Miss C xx